Friday, January 25, 2008

What I love and hate

I got tagged by BabyLovery:

1) I love to eat: meat!
2) I hate to eat: raisins....poison to me...

1) I love to go on: a long extended vacation without having to worry about work and money ;p
2) I hate to go on: a long and winding drive... I'll get car sick!

1) I love it when: we can all live in perfect harmony and that nobody knows what war means
2) I hate it when: people become selfish and power greed

1) I love to see: beautiful things
2) I hate to see: negative people

1) I love to hear: happy ending stories
2) I hate to hear: horrible news/stories especially about missing and abused children

I shall now tag:


Ratu Syura said...

You hate raisins? Just like my brother too! hehe..

Aunty J said...

Ratu Syura:
Ya!! Woohooo...I'm not alone so am no weirdo!! haha.. Its yucky to me!! Absolutely a no no for me!! ;p