Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aki & Dodu

Last Sunday as I was visiting my downstairs neighbour, they told me that they are going to my parents home that evening. It got me thinking dropping by there would be a good idea too as it has been a while since Ethan last saw and spent some time with his Aki (grandpa in Kadazan). Ethan saw his Dodu (grandma in Kadazan) a few times last week coz my mom stayed with my bro with Joshua & Moira while SIL was outstationed for a few days. Anyway, Ethan enjoyed his visit especially when his Aki played "jumping about" with him and am sure it was quite tiring for my dad for obvious reason :) As for me, I managed to"ransacked" my old wardrobe and found my belts and a few clothing items to bring back hehe...sad thing is that there are still a few (a few is an understatement really!) clothing items that I still couldn't fit in :( When I shared this with the rest, my SIL said that's how it is after pregnancy...one tends to grow one size bigger...I was adamant (or rather too ambitious hehehe) to say "no, I'll fit in to my old clothes again soon!" I'll keep my fingers crossed and let's just wait and see okay...hehe...(but psssttt... I can see my Cadbury Dairy Milk - hazel nut chocolate bar next to my laptop now....hmmm...how to loose weight and fit into those clothes again!!??)

Little E so happy with his Dodu, Aki and cousins Joshua & Moira :)


Jewelle said...

Hey who said you won't fit into your clothes - its the shoes you have to say bye bye to.

To motivate you, I am now thinner than before I had Eu so you can do it!

Aunty J said...

Hey, thanks for the support!!!! :)