Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's sing the lullaby...

I was browsing through this site when I came across one particular bed from their collections of Faux Leather Beds. See below a picture of the bed I'm referring to:

Wowww... red headboard with a matching footboard!! Have you ever thought of getting a red bed set?? I never thought of it till I saw this picture! So vixen isn't it?? It really goes with the name i.e. vogue coz a red bed is indeed very vogue...well, at least to my eyes :) But don't think the hubs would allow me to choose a red coloured bed...and I think Ethan would probably end up just staring at the red headboard when we put him on the bed!! ;p The good thing about this particular brand of beds is that not only do they come in double size and king size frames, they come in super king size frames too. I think that would be great to have at home (in a different colour though...) coz Ethan would have a much bigger space to move about during his play time :) Talking about bed, since we often play with Ethan on our bed and he is more active nowadays, hubby told me on Sunday that it was time to flush the bed to the wall for Ethan's safety. I agreed so he did just that...whatever is safer for our lil' E :)

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