Sunday, February 3, 2008

Are kids today too spoiled?

A friend of mine forwarded a news article about parents being upset mainly due to their children being asked to clean the toilet in school when their exams is just round the corner. I find it such a waste of time to be upset over something that I would consider so insignificant in nature. Even if their exams is coming, how long would it take to wash the toilet? I don't think it will take ages and being part of a competition, how often do they need to clean the toilet let alone affect their exams!!?? When I first read the article, I was thinking to myself, what's wrong with students washing the toilet?? We all have toilets in our home and even if we do have maid to help us to clean our toilets, we ought to know how to clean them ourselves too. If Ethan were asked to clean the toilet in school as part of their duty during recess time (which was pretty common, at least during my time...) or as part of their school activities in the future, I would say "why not"? I would actually be thankful that he is being trained to wash the toilet. That is part of learning process and part of life where he'll learn to become a responsible and discipline person. Personally, besides home, I would think the school would be a perfect place to train our children for these kinda thing too. I don't believe that schools are meant for academic purposes only. I strongly feel that besides academic, schools should act like "parents" in some ways to train our children to become a better person. A school that teaches not only academic but also facts of life to the students would be in my A-list. After all, our children do spend quite of a lot of their time in school. I do hope such incident will not deter schools from letting the students to wash the toilets. I can't imagine our children coming out of the school knowing only about theories and formulas. That would be so scary because as we all know, in reality, it is a huge jungle out there. If they only know things from their text books, how on earth are they gonna survive in the real world!!?? So hellowww....washing the toilet is not a big deal okay... so stop whinging!!

Oppsss...have to do the dishes now while Ethan is taking his afternoon nap. I'm rather sleepy I wish I own a dishwasher so I don't have to do much. I think hubby would love the LG LDF6810 Dishwasher because of its metallic look while I would prefer a black looking dishwasher such as the GE GLD5900NWW / GLD5900NBB / GLD5900NCC Dishwasher :)


Jewelle said...

I totally agree with you!

I think parents who make a big deal of something like this is depriving their kids the chance to learn about responsibility and hard work.

I wouldn't mind if my kids are asked to do it too - as long as its a part of the school's activity and everybody has to do the same.

Nick Phillips said...

I'd have to agree, kids these days are just a wee bit too spoilt!

I've seen parents who fuss over their kids so much, the poor child doesn't know how to live life on his own anymore.

It sure doesn't speak much for the future generation that's for sure.