Monday, February 4, 2008

All girls + 1 guy outing

Last Friday, a small group of us had a lunch date with an old friend of ours who is back from Beijing for a short family break. It was good to see WunKit (who's back from Singapore to celebrate CNY with her family here) after soooo many years too!! Indeed it was great to be able to catch up with each other after a long time...well, at least for me, coz I haven't seen them for months now...physically that is...normally we keep in touch via YM or MSN... Anyway, we are all so happy for Collyn's 2nd pregnancy and even more delighted to hear of the baby's gender :) Sorry I'm not gonna disclose it here as I'll let Collyn to announce that herself ...hopefully in her blog (yes, that is a big hint for you to update your blog more often Collyn!! haa...). And yes, she was the one who helped me to get my new red Chloe handbag which I soooo likey!! :) And oh I almost forgot... we celebrated Chai's birthday too... so once again Happy Birthday to Chai!!

WunKit, Maureen, Jess, Me, Collyn & Donn

Me, Collyn, Donn, Chai, WunKit & Jess

Count the candles if you want to know his age!! Sorry Chai for leaking your secret out!! haha..


Jessie said...

hehehe... tatap bising!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.....memang pun, we are so engrossed with our conversation that we totally forgotten about those dining customer around us....(macam aje kedai kami, heheheh)

Esp when we sang lagu birthday tu lagi, si chai trus macam perasan ada orang tengah tinguk kami......kakakakaka........- MAUREEN