Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are you in debt?

I think most people just can not avoid being in debt no matter how rich (as you know, businessmen do take up business loans to run their businesses) or poor you are. It could be due to short term (hopefully!) debt from the use of credit cards, computer loan, personal loan or car loan, or it could be due to a long term loan such as taking up a housing loan (some call it investment while others call it a liability)...Some might even consider a loan such as study loan as an investment. But which ever type of debts we are in, we need to be able to manage our debt. This of coz is to avoid us being trapped in a difficult financial situation and worst if we have to declare ourselves bankrupt! Geee...I hope I will never be caught in any of the two situations... I must admit I do use my credit cards but I normally will try to pay on time as well as to pay as much as I can. This is to avoid facing the financial charges for late payment and the interest charges. I guess what is wise to have is a good Debt Managment Plan. Do you have one?

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