Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Latest developments of Lil' E

I had the priviledge of witnessing another new skill of Ethan yesterday while I was on leave babysitting my precious prince :) This time is him clapping his hands :) However, the way he claps his hands is not quite the usual how we clap our hands...have a look to see what I mean..

Besides clapping his hands, he also made a few attempts to lift his knees up while he was on his tummy yesterday. Another new skill hehe.....I guess he wants to start crawling already :) My precious will do a 'high five' when you put your palms up to him too. We've also noticed recently that he tried to push his body up sideway a few times...probably trying to sit??....

1 comment:

CJane said...

Aww.. cutenya! Your lil prince is learning new stuff everyday! :D