Friday, February 15, 2008

An evening with the girls

I had another outing on Monday with 6 other former schoolmates at the Old Town cafe' in City Mall. It was another enjoyable evening catching up one another with topics ranging from of coz updates on our children, to choosing a nice tattoo design and getting a tattoo and the pros & cons of having tattoo, and etc etc...well, just typical girls-get-together topics basically ;p I didn't manage to stay long as I had to fetch my hubby and Ethan at 8.30pm. I was in a bit of a rush that I actually forgotten to foot my bill and when I told and asked one of my galfriends about the bill, she told me that they have shared the cost among themselves oredi!! How embarassing!! Sorry gals... next time I blanja teh-tarik ah ;p

From left to right: Jacq, Carol, Wek, Collyn, Eng, Marie and yours truly ;)


Jewelle said...

Waddaya mean - typical girls topic is tattoo-ing? Since when are you thinking of getting a tattoo?!

Anonymous said...

lol..jewelle puny acomment tu bah...lucu oh!

Anyway, Ct mall ada changes ka? have not been back to kk like 4 months d now...wonder how it look like d.

Anonymous said...

Jatt kambang bulu sia tinguk u addressed me as pat not wek.

kawang lama

Aunty J said...

Hahaha...actually I've always wanted a nice tattoo on my ankle but of coz it hurts a lot so it remains as a dream ja la hehe...

Ya ba si Jewelle tu hehe..

CT Mall tambah banyak kadai la...yg sia notice betul is the 3 new kiddy clothes shops for obvious reasons hehehe...but yg masi the same is the huge banner of KK Fitness Centre yg ada pampang gambar fit kau tu!! My hubby asked me once when will I have flat and fit stomach like yours...cilaka punya hubby, nanti sia suru dia yg branak baru tau kan! haha... :)

Aunty J said...

hahahaha...Wek sia pun rasa gali oh panggil kau Pat hahaha...since you feel the same I changed it to WEK oredi :)

papajoneh said...

Lucu baca the above comments... esp from big sister jewelle... hahahaha.

Anyway, i recoqnize a few faces here too. Hmm... st francis convent bah dis... sure kenal onelah.. hahahaha