Sunday, February 24, 2008

The red carpet

I like to watch Chanel E! on Astro especially when they talk about the red carpet like the upcoming Oscars Awards ceremony. What I actually like about this sort of ceremony is the actresses walking down the red carpet in their prettiest or could be the ugliest dresses. Not forgetting the 'bling-bling' that either owned by them or given or loan exclusively to them by the designers in return for some publicity or part of their promotion activities. Interesting to know some designers actually provides give free security guards to these super stars...well who wouldn't want to guard your precious stones right...furthermore some just have to have the security guards to ensure they get back their jewelleries after the event...kinda like Cinderella stories isn't it? Well, sort of coz you wouldn't look like a million dollar after returning the 'bling-bling' ;p

Anyway, I'm sure those that watch Chanel E! knows how much these superstars would go the extra miles just to look fantastic (which they do most of the time really...except some weird fashion taste or could it be just some publicity stint? ;p) on Oscars Awards day. Recently I saw in the news that some celebrities are opting for Liposuction to look good. Now that I have to see...Imagine the actress of Roseaane Barr in slimmer version...I think she would look very pretty don't you think? :)


Nick Phillips said...

What I cannot stand is when I see these celebrities with botox treatments done to their faces. The faces tend to look so fake and stiff ... arggghhh, it drives me nuts! Why can't they just age gracefully?

Wrinkles are nice what, I have loads of them ... LOL!

Aunty J said...

I do agree with you on botox. They look strange esp when their face look bloated hehe...and yes, i prefer people to grow old gracefully and hopefully I will too ;p