Saturday, February 23, 2008

This is what happened when... facial appointment was cancelled due to staff annual dinner and I wasn't informed and on top of that I had 2 hours to kill during the long lunch hours on Friday...
If you asked me if it hurts? Absolutely NOT coz it ain't the real thing's a non-permanent tattoo on my left ankle for the next 2 weeks hehe...I normally go for henna tattoo previously.. so this is the first time I'm having a sprayed tattoo :) So how do you like it? hehe... BTW, it only cost me RM6 for this one..

Well that is as far as I would ever dare to come close to being tattooed simply because I'm such a coward when it comes to pain. I'll probably cry a river or even cry a sea if I do really go for the real thing!! But having said that, surprisingly I managed to go through labour pain.... now that is one pain one just can't describe with words! But like all moms will say, the pain will be totally forgotten once you see your precious little one in your arms :) Too bad I couldn't see my little prince straight away as I had to go for an emergency c-section in the end though I was already 10cm dilated :( But nothing could describe the joy and happiness that I felt when the nurse brought Ethan to me and him opening his eyes (he was asleep then) and looked at me when I first called out his name :)


Jewelle said...

Ahh..I can handle this too. I think I'll get one too - konon. Bah, let's do it again when I next go back

Aunty J said...

Sure, it's a date then!! :)