Friday, February 22, 2008


Have you ever thought to Remortgage your house to enjoy lower monthly repayment coz of lower interest rates? I'm not so familiar how it works really but I think I should find out more info on it. For all I know, if its really good and better than the EPF offer, I might ask hubby to consider such option in the near future. If you ask me, I'm not at all familiar with the mortgage industry in Malaysia but according to a news article in the UK, there seems to be mixed feeling in the mortgage industry in that country that left most of the home buyers and borrowers confused. They just not sure which mortgage to go for as there seems to be different forecasts for the UK economy and for Bank of England base rates. However, it has been reported that research showed that the two-year fixed rate offer seems to be the most high in demand among British borrowers. Hmmm...what about in Malaysia?

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