Monday, March 3, 2008

4 days to 9 months today!

Just an update on my little E' who will be turning 9 months old in 4 days time. We brought him to Likas Hospital for his review and let's see his stats:

Weight: 9.3kg
Height: 69cm

He can't sit without support yet but the doctor said probably because he is heavy! Ha! She can say that again hehe... and we are yet to see any tooth coming out too...

Overall he is doing alright and because he had jaundice previously (pro-longed jaundice for more than 2 mths!), the doctor recommended for us to bring him to the ear specialist in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Hmm...that reminds me, the nurse was supposed to call me back on the appointment date and time for that this afternoon...But I've yet to hear from her.... Maybe she'll call me tomorrow morning instead...Anyway, Ethan seemed to be the most active baby among the babies around his age at the hosptial this afternoon (I think...) coz he was the only one that seems excited and "talking" especially when hubby show him the fishes :)

Check out his super yummy looking thigh! Don't you just feel like biting them!!?? ;p


FloDawn said...

Wow! Lil' E looks so sexy here hehehe! Siok mau paluk2 his paha dat :-D

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

yes you ethan memang chubby cute..went to likas hops children clinic last week, my goodness, the place is full with children bising..

Anonymous said... boyfriend ethan....i so want to cubit you now!!!Gerammmm!!

cindy said...

His paha kan... eeeii, kin gerigitan oh! Hahahaha!

Aunty J said...

Oh yes, not only his paha siok di paluk2..but his whole body siok mau di paluk2!!

Ya the place is filled wt children and the playground pun abis kena dera!! Now they even served Milo drinks to the children and let them do nice! :)

Hehehe....ur boyfriend tunggu ja when u come down to KK nie ;p

Siok mau gigit2 paha dia tu hehehe...ganas ba nie mummy nie hehehe