Monday, March 3, 2008

All geared up??

The Malaysia general election 2008 will be on this coming Saturday and Sunday. You can see there are many posters, banners, billboards of various parties being put up every where. I for one will definitely be interested to know who will win or if BN is able to withstands its seats. I shall cast my vote for the 3rd time around and if you ask me who am I voting for? Well, that's for me to know and not for you to find out (well, unless if you ask me personally hee..). Anyway, ideally I would go for one that not only will help local developments but also one that will help us local people to excel and prosper. I do also hope the upcoming government will put a stop to the ever increasing prices of goods & services. Last but not least, I hope they will keep their promises as promised b4 the election and not just a gimmick or empty promises to win the Malaysian hearts! We ain't fools!

Now talking about the upcoming general election, am sure you have heard there are many campaigns or road shows going on for the past few days. I wonder how they are doing in promoting their parties. Do you think a Telemarketing method would benefit or be useful to them? ;p

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