Monday, March 3, 2008

Sisterly & brotherly love

We had a nice weekend. On Saturday, we had lunch at my favourite Italian Restaurant i.e. Little Italy. Afterwards, we met up with my big bro, SIL & Allie at the Old Town Cafe' in City Mall for tea. Allie and Ethan seems to get along pretty well though Ethan was a bit rough when it comes to playing with his cousin... I guess boys will be's Ethan kept wanting to pull poor Allie's hair... and Allie wanting to give him a peck but ended up Ethan trying to kiss Allie on the lips and Allie saying eeeeuwwwwww !! haha...


I love this picture of Allie giving Ethan a peck on the cheek :)

Anyway, Allie seems to have an issue with saliva as she will always ask me to wipe Ethan's saliva whenever Ethan drools...she even wiped Ethan's saliva on the floor herself! One good little helper eh hehehe...Sunday was spent at home doing hse chores plus lazying around. We also met up, spoke and decided to hire the helper yesterday...

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