Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you .com?

I think I've mentioned previously about should I go for a .com site or should I not. I even mentioned the possibility of earning more $$ should I opt to create another blog and if I do so I would perhaps go .com

However, there are just so many web hosting providers on the net that many of us including myself find it pretty tough to decide which one to choose from. I know some friends and fellow bloggers did take quite a while before deciding on a host. Some like myself are still searching and deciding which is the best web hosting to opt for. I haven't really done my homework thoroughly yet due to time constraint. But I'm positively sure there are sites who must have done some reviews. If you know any, do share with me okay ;p

On a different note, I'm finally going back to work tomorrow. Yup, I've been on duty mom since last week. MIL will be coming back from her break tonite. Although I love to spend time and care for my precious Ethan (who is taking his afternoon nap now..) as I get to see his new skills or developments everyday, it is time to get back to work ;)


LxndreaSB said...

welcome back to the corporate world.
just keep in mind that lil Ethan will be well taken care of at home.
don't worry much ok.
take care!

papajoneh said...

Do the Dot Com... I kid you not.
I am sure if u ask around, there's one web hosting name that came out as the same.
But if u really want special help.. contact me later :D

and being back to work.. well kesian juga kan Ethan but then have to lah. We all cari makan. Sedih but have to :(
Miss gila anak2 now dis.

Poor Papa

Aunty J said...

Thanks :)

hehe...I'll surely contact you when the time comes ;p

Ya ba wat to do..we hv to find money to pay the bills :(