Monday, March 24, 2008

EnfaMama's Club Weaning Food Guide

I've borrowed this guide from my SIL, Lisa, ages ago and I totally forgotten about it till I saw it again in between the pages of a book I was reading 2 nites ago. I find the info useful and thought I should share with all the mommies & daddies :)

As we all know, our babies start to take semi solid food from the age of 6 months old. If you're not sure what are the types of food and how much to give to your baby, here's a useful guide (click on the image for a bigger view):

6-7 months old

8-9 months old

10-12 months old

12 months old

Ok now that I have this on record, I should return the weaning guide to Lisa soon in case I misplace it again ;p


wen said...

i put it on the fidge door so i cld refer to it

LxndreaSB said...

hi there.
got ur link from cindy.
adorable baby boy you have there. bet you are anxious to see him walk on his own.
anyway, happy belated easter and god bless!

Aunty J said...

Glad the guide is useful for you too :)

Thanks and glad you've dropped come again ya and oh ya, hope you had a blessed Easter too :)