Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gambling luck?

I'm not a gambler but I would considered myself as a social gambler as I only gamble during certain occasions such as Chinese New Year, Chap Goh Mei etc etc :) Unfortunately (though not complaining) as mentioned before, I was not able to join in any gambling sessions this year as I have little Ethan to care for :)

I did enjoyed the many fun gambling sessions last year though...perhaps it was the luck from baby Ethan (I was carrying him in my tummy then hehe) that motivated me and hubby hehe...This year seemed to be pretty good for my hubs too, he was even made to stayed on and 'forced' to continue gambling even though we were late for other appointments...all because Ethan's luck continued to shine on him during those sessions perhaps hehe..Anyway, all that gambling stopped when Chap Goh Mei passed...and thank goodness we are not into online gambling coz there are just plenty of online casino websites available nowadays! You are not into online casino, are you?

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