Thursday, March 6, 2008

My baby's temper

I think my baby has inherited the short-temperedness trait from his dear ol' mummy ...Why did I said that? Because for two days in a row he cried his heart out (though we noticed there were no tears...) all because I didn't allow him to do what he wanted to do. Once because I didn't let him put the "yau char kueh" (a local Chinese cake) into his mouth. I actually gave him back the "yau char kueh" but seeing me still holding onto it while giving it to him, he let it go and started to cry again!! I guess he must have known that I would definately take it away once he starts to put it inside his mouth again. Clever fellow !! Another time, I didn't let him face the rear and stared at the bright light (thought it may harm his eye sight). Hubby even had to stop by a furniture shop just to let him out of the car to pacify him...oh dear oh dear...what has become of my little E'...I guess he is starting to show his real characters now huh... but please not mummy's short-temperedness ... oh boy, is this the start of a roller coaster?? Yikes! We shall see...but all the same, we love our precious little boy and it was really good to see him all smiling when we finally see him on Tuesday morning after the flood incident... All is well and thank goodness he didn't cry looking for us :)

Ethan with his tongue out at me! :]

Sweet little angel of mine...


Jurra said...

aik? si ethan keriting pulak aah?? Dari mana dia dpt tu rambut keriting?

Aunty J said...

Haha...its an heritance from us coz both side of his family has history of curly hair - both our dads and bros has curly hair though we both got straight hair ;p