Thursday, March 6, 2008

A bigger crib..

A few days back, I got all excited because I was supposed to help some cute little puppies to get good homes for them...unfortunately but good at the same time (for the pups) some were either booked, taken or they don't meet the requirements (male only sadly). Nevertheless, it got me thinking of how I would love to have two dogs as pets in the future. I would think Ethan would love to have dogs as pets too coz he gets all thrilled when he sees Lucky, the cute little dog at my in-laws place. The idea however will not be practical at the moment as we're staying in an apartment. Well, I guess we'll have to look for a bigger crib in the future then :) But looking at the market nowadays, it seems pretty scary to invest in a big purchase such as a house. The ever increasing fuel price makes me sometimes think if there will be another recession coming...coz if that happens it can be very tough financially...Hopefully that would not be the case… and that if we do decide and ready to get a bigger place to live, then we seriously need to consider and look at housing loans to fund our house purchase....hmmm…I wonder what is Secured Loans for…do you know?


Nick Phillips said...

Oh darn, everytime I read any postings about dogs, I'm reminded that I've yet to go get a dog. I've been posting for ages that I want a dog and till today I haven't even gone around looking for one. Must make sure I go find one soon ... LOL!

Aunty J said...

You should go get one then Nick!! :)