Friday, March 7, 2008

Maximize your rights!

Don't forget to cast your vote tomorrow for the general election 2008 folks! ;)

It's gonna be a pretty exciting & interesting weekend don't you think? Have a great weekend all!! :)


chegu carol said...

i'm sure it will be fun.

can take pictures kah at polling station? Me first time bah. Hehe

Aunty J said...

Chegu Carol:
This will be my 3rd time if not 4...cant for photo taking...I didnt see any "no camera" sign at the polling site where we took those pics I guess can la kali tu kan...coz am planning to take pics too hehehe...happy polling day!! :)

osindak said...

Marilah Mari, Pergi Mengundi, Jangan lupa kewajipan pada Negara....... la la la la..
hehehe bah, selamat mengundi!! (o;

papajoneh said...

Aduh... sia pun ambil a few pictures ... even the handsome police.. hahahha.

I can't remember how many times I gone voting.. maybe 4 times... ndak ingat.