Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lunch date

On Wednesday morning, we gals in the office decided to have a lunch date during the long lunch hours yesterday. It was not an ordinary lunch date as we didn't go to any fancy restaurant or food stall to feed our hungry stomachs. Instead we had our very own Chief i.e. Strictpollyanna and her assistant i.e. Tweety Mutley to feed all 4 hungry cannibals + 1 temporary vegetarian at Tweety Mutley's mansion. It was indeed an enjoyable lunch date especially with the super duper yummy dishes!! Not only did we enjoyed the delicious home cooked meals but as always, girls just wanna have fun, so camwhoring was of coz part of the agenda too!! ;p

The 4 happy hungry bunch... another happy hungry cannibal ;p

...and here introducing to you our very own hardworking Chief

... and his claimed to be assistant...well,actually I was just doing some action for the camera! ;p

...and while the chief and her real assistants were busy in the kitchen...we were busy camwhoring in the living room ;p

I can smell the aroma from the kitchen...but at the same time Ulai said "Smile Aunty J....." and of coz I happily obliged :)

Mind you, this briani rice was especially cooked the traditional Indian way... we were told we'll consume less carbo by doing so

We all love this specially marinated fried curry fish... slurpsss...

Even those who dislike vege will love this one, honestly! ;p

...and of coz with all the cannibals in the group, this was indeed very popular!! ;)

I loves eggs so I was indeed happy to take not just 1 but maybe 2 or 3 pieces of this special Indian way of cooking ommelette :)

Yeah...we were one starving lot!! Look at the little amount of left over!!?? I think if not becoz we had to leave some food behind for Tweety Mutley's helper, we probably would have gulped all of it down our throat without a problem ;p

The very happy & very full to our neck lot!! :)


LAi said...

d mana rumah c alice ni a??mcm familiar ja tu jalan raya d dpan tu

CJane said...

Ya bah, that road very familiar oh.. I swear I've seen that place, but being someone who's bad with direction, I can't remember where!

Anyway.. OMG lah! Look at the food!!! Laparnya siaaaaaaaaaa... but I don't wanna eat now, coz I have wedding dinner to attend later tonight. Nanti makan banyak lagi tu. Hahaha!

wen said...

the food makes me hungry now! as in 12.30 midnight!

Nessa said...

Home cooked food is the BEST!

Hmmm.. that vege with eggs looks good. Might try that for tonight's dinner. Hope I won't spoil it tho' :)