Friday, March 21, 2008

Popoi & Momoi

Ethan is sometimes called Popoi, a nickname given to him by his grandma. I was told that Popoi means darling little boy in Tagalog. Can anyone verify this as I can't seem to get it from the net...perhaps my spelling is wrong ;p

Anyway, since Moira is called Momoi while Ethan is called Popoi at times, I've decided to dedicate this entry for my precious Popoi and my sweet niece Momoi :)

Demure Momoi with cheeky Popoi ;p

Two's a company :)

Two of my favourite little people ;p

Not very happy lot aren't they? hehe...


suesue said...

hahaha.. these 2 popoi and momoi so cute.

ratu syura said...

Awwwww.... kisses to popoi and momoi pleaseee!!! They're so adorable!!

jppmom said...

soooo cute!!! bagai pinang dibelah dua ooh :)

Rozella said...

Hi there...was just passing by and awww..sangat cute lah the kids! :) Feel like want to cubit only. Hehe

cindy said...

I love their name, so cute! :D Really ngam the person itself - so cute! :D

Aunty J said...

Hehehe..thanks! :)

Hehehe..thanks ok will do ;p

Hehehe thanks :)

Hey thanks for dropping by, do come back again ya ;p

Hehehe...thks ;p