Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moira turned 1 year old

My lovely little niece, Moira, turned 1 year old recently...immediate family and close friends gathered to celebrate Moira's birthday last Sunday....a cosy birthday party for the little girl who looks pretty in her little blue dress :)

Moira with all her cousins
More pictures of Moira's birthday bash here.


Nick Phillips said...

Well Happy 1 year birthday to Moira then. She does look like a sweet little thing ... :D

Mama Uaua&Momoi said...

Thanks soo much for doing a post on Momoi's Birthday :-). Happy Easter...

cindy said...

She has very pretty eyes!! :D

Happy Birthday, pretty Momoi!

Aunty J said...

She sure is a sweet little girl :)

Mama uaua&momoi:
Not a problem and Happy Easter to you and all at home too! ;p

Yeah, she has two beautiful big round eyes :)