Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pink panther in the house

Yeah....I tend to walk like the pink panther especially when Ethan awakes from his naps and just happily playing with his toys (I don't want to let him see me coz otherwise he'll start acting up ;p)...I put his fav toys next to him on purpose so that he can play with them when he awakes. This avoids him from crying for attention or clingy as soon as he wakes up...consequently, having a few mins of free time allows me to do other stuff and of coz my own stuff such as what I'm currently doing i.e. blogging ;p

Of coz I've read and heard that once in a while we ought to "teach" our baby that they can't get what they want all the was also said that we need to be strong and let them cry till they stop as babies are smarter than we think they are...they are just testing us or as my mum put it "gratak" us with their cry and tears...But I've also read that letting you baby cries is not a good method coz it will make him/her insecure thus may grow up to be an inferior or introvert person...So my question is, which is right? Should we let our baby cries till they stop or should we take them as soon as they cry? What say you? Personally, I think I will just play by ear... Sometimes reading or hearing too much can be confusing....

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Kampung Girl said...

true jatt, play it by ear..i do read or listen as guidance but if it something that 'not you'...then follow ur heart.

Anonymous said...

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