Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Smile with me :)

I've been tagged by Osindak & Kadazan Bonita on photo (yeah, I do notice is a singular "photo" but oh heck...I can't resist to show some of them if not all hehehe...) of a person/thing smiling and what else then to feature my smiley baby Ethan :)

3 months old
4 months
4 months
6 months
8 months
9 months - taken this morning :)

My precious smiley Ethan today :)

I wish I could show all his smiley photos...but it may take me a while to do this tag coz there are quite a few :) Anyway, let's continue this smile tag coz am sure you'll agree with me that a smile can always make your day seem brighter :)

So please put a smile on my face and share your smiley photos:


jppmom said...

uiinah senyum si ethan ni..kin geram ooh..cute betul ooh..klu dekat2 u all wit us..abis anak ko i cium :)

papajoneh said...

waaaaahhhh.... The Jay's family meeting here kah? Hahahaha.

Yabah so cute si Ethan. Curly lagi rambut dia tu.. hahaha. Semua anak lelaki ni... mau cari anak pompuan mau kasi kawan2 diaorang ni. Hahaha.

Neneth said...

Ehh..kiut juga si Ethan punya rambut tu..keriting..lain sudah muka dia.

Anonymous said...

AuntyJ- you just got the same tagged from me!! LOL!!

FloDawn said...

Lil'E need a haircut hehehehheeh... but he's so adorable as he is... the lil' cherub :P

Nick Phillips said...

Thanks for the tag, I actually didn't see my blogs name when I was here yesterday. I only saw it today!

I think I'm going to need those Zenni Glasses soon ... LOL!

I'll get this out soon, ya?

neoryan08 said...

Smiley baby :)
cute :) hehe

cindy said...

Uiii.. berabis mama si Ethan ni kasi post gambar anaknya smiling oh! *hee*

Love his hair~~~ aahhh... cutenya! His smile kan, macam heartbreaker oh. (to the other girl babies out there) Heehee!

Aunty J said...

hehe..I think we should meet up one of these days kan...kasi kawang-kawang anak-anak kita...doiii I can imagine all 4 boys running ard (when they oredi know how to walk and run..) and shouting and screaming together....aduiii....paning..paning...but I think it'll be fun :)

Hahaha..ya ba kan..all the Jays hehe...

Hahaha...ya if got anak parampuan siok oh...tapi my laki said...abis la pokai coz he said sure I will buy dresses etc etc for bb girl everyday!! hehee...tapi siok ba tinguk baju bb girl nie...banyak style..unlike boys...tapi then again..I can still buy loads for Ethan..hmmm...women! ;p

hehehe...cam muka sepa dia now ah? Ada campuran oredi? hehehe...

Hehehe...so considered done la kan??!! ;p

Ya thinking of getting his hair trim this wkend though am a bit reluctant to cut his curls...But will only trim his curls ard his ears ....hehe

haha..ya get the bifocal types okay!! haha

Can't wait to see yours! :)

Hehehe..thks! Eh come to think of it, I wanna tag you on this one too!! So go do it coz am sure your Keaton will hv plenty of photos to show off!! ;p

shhh....tau la nie mummy over excited with her precious baby ba hehehe...

aihhh....jangan cakap gitu..nanti paning sia nanti hehehe...