Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Should I or should I not...

I've been thinking about creating another blog just on my personal life alone and dedicate Good things in life purely on my precious baby Ethan...I know many have more than 1 blog and they have especially dedicated each blog for a different topic...Jewelle a good friend of mine, has just recently added another blog thus she is now having 3 blogs. Another friend, Hannie, who started blogging a bit later than me is already maintaining 2 blogs now...Well, I guess more blogs means more $$ too ;p

Anyway, if I ever decide to create another blog, perhaps I should consider Thoughts. Here I could 'penned" down my personal thoughts, emotion and upload photos, videos or even podcast (whatever that is...) and chat in forums. Should I want to keep some of my entries private, I could just change the post setting. I could also opt to make my post only visible to family and friends too. The good thing is that it has free unlimited bandwidth too!

Talking about blog, another friend (whom I know when I was about to get married as we both share the same wedding day and church - the only thing was that she had hers in the early morning while I had mine after hers hehe..) hope to start a blog one of these days. I strongly encouraged her as she is also a mommy now and has an adorable baby girl who is about 7 months now. It would be interesting to read about Alexis development as well as keeping it as a record for future reference right :)

Isn't she such an adorable happy baby? :)

So Mama Rona, if you ever want to start a blog, perhaps you could consider http://www.thoughts.com/ :)


Nick Phillips said...

I have 2 blogs and it's such a time consuming affair trying to keep them updated but like you said, more blogs, more $$$ :D So, go for it ...

wen said...

ya, her bb have such an adorable smile and she is so cuteeeeee!

Shemah said...

Should.. of course you should!!

Syura has been asking me when I want to get my done. She's got 3! Since last year lagi she's been pestering me. And I'm still dilly dallying for whatever reason also, I can't say. :P

Like the nike ad says, Just do it!

p/s: Pandai saja cakap. Sendiri ndak buat. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Saw it...saw it! Hehehe..Ehh..my blog is on the way..My hubby will help me also...yay!..U know who I am ;)

Aunty J said...

Yes, its the matter of whether I can maintain more than 1 blog or not! hehe...but then again...more blogs more $$ ...decision..decision...decision...

Indeed she is such a cutie!!

hahaha..ya ba me oso been dilly dally for all sort of reason but it all boils down whether I am willing to maintain more than 1 blog at a time hehehe...but but...the $$ sign seems very tempting too...so how ah?? ;)

Oh yes I know who you are...so gurlll go for it!! Can't wait for you to announce your blog!! :)