Friday, March 14, 2008

Most embarassing moment, AGAIN???!!

Oh nooooooooooooooooo.....I thought I only had to go through this once and was happy that after I've done it the first time, it will be buried and hopefully rot (hehee...) inside my archive... But I guess, I must have done something really bad coz I've just been tagged by Nick on it again!!! Arrrrghhhh...Nick, you owe me one coz I've actually have to embarassed myself all over again and it is not just among a few people okay...its among everyone else in this whole planet!! Oh dear oh dear.....but since I'm in a good mood coz its Friday and am about to go home, I'll do it though did I managed to make you feel bad or guilty Nick? heee...and yes, you better not laugh and roll on the floor, hear me!!

So here goes folks...come visit my most embarassing moment AGAIN! :(

And since am in a good mood, am not tagging anyone...see how nice I am NICK! haha...

Have a jolly good weekend everyone!! I'm off from work next week. Yippie!! But I still hv to finish a presentation paper & presentation slides over the wkend...hope it won't be dragged to next week...sigh...Anyway, I will be babysitting my precious baby Ethan as MIL will be away for a well deserved break :) Do stay tune though coz I'll still be here blogging away :)


thewonghome said...

Hi Jatt. Thanks for dropping by my Blog. Have put a link on my Blog to Yours. ;-))

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Aunty J, thanks for being a good sport. And I didn't roll on the floor in laughter reading your embarrassing moment (ok, ok, I did roll on the floor in laughter ... LOL!).

I'll bet your vital stats were the hit with all the KFC people back then ... LOL! Yup, I have to agree with you, it really was embarrassing ... (ok, now to continue rolling on the floor in laughter!)