Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another super model in the making ;p

Just look at the posing by Anniesen, aren't she a cutie! Seems like she even has her own private little sofa to pose around! ;p Anniesen mom bought a few dresses and sets for her recently and here's Anniesen in two of her new dresses from LilPeopleBoutique :)

B&G polka dot cotton spagetti dress

Cute lil' Anniesen in the Ocean Kid Sailor dress set :)


papajoneh said...

So cute so cute indeed. Pandai bergaya pulak :)

Oh ya, I went to yer 'online shop' but i noticed all the little boy clothes, all sold out???
No chance lah for me with 3 boys like this :D

Let say I wanna order, can i order using paypal only... I mean no need wait for minimum amount RM100? Just ask :)

Aunty J said...

hehehe...ya kau kana cepat else cepat kena order or reserved...tapi the levi's t-shirt am re-ordering coz ramai peminat..tapi even tht 1 oredi being reserved there are still a few boy clothes ba...I like the rompers and the yellow set oso nice ba :)

As for the moment sia trima above RM100 ja oh ;p

Aunty J said...

BTW, am ordering my 2nd batch of kiddies clothings stay tune a few designs for boys hehe...