Friday, April 11, 2008

Playing footsie: the way they like it

As mentioned in my profile, my hubby is a football fan. He loves playing at the football field and would go for footsal games. Just yesterday evening, he told me that he and his colleagues are going to play at the sports complex tomorrow at 7pm. No, this is not a typo mistake as they are really gonna play a match at 7pm. I thought the place is fully booked during the day but nope, the hubs told me that they have been wanting to play at the stadium at night especially with the spot lights on since last year. But they have only managed to get things organize this year. They are even willing to share the cost of about RM900 for that one particular match!! Maybe I should bring Ethan to watch his dad and his other mates chasing after a ball hehehe...maybe if I have someone to tag along, I may be able to take some pictures too...hmmm...we'll see if we can arrange something..

Anyway, talking about hubby's favourite sport, he bought Ethan his first footsie ball even before he arrives! So naturally I would expect hubby would certainly influence Ethan to love and play football. But little did I expect for my little boy to start liking football at a very young age. Yup, am talking about him playing football as young as 9 month plus!! Since his first ball is not quite suitable for him to play with at the moment, hubby bought him another soft ball for him to kick around. Have a look at my very own Christiano Ronaldo!! You can't really see him in actions here but he certainly can kick the ball around!! ;p


Deana E said...

why his hair like curly curly tu? hehe train him early..

Nick Phillips said...

Looks like your hubby is turning him into the next David Beckham, huh? LOL!

shirley said...

hi there... ur baby so cute lah

Aunty J said...

Dia anak om kali hahaha...tiak ba...actually both our dads have curly hair..same goes to our bros...but both of us having straight hair :)

Ya tu la tu, si Hubby mau train so got geng pi main bola or tinguk bola lain kali...dia bilang kasi tinggal mummy di rumah..but hellowww who is gonna sty put at home...told hubby that when thy go do their football thingy, I'll go do my own thingy e.g. shopping!! mean of me huh hehehe...

Hahahaha...not David Beckham coz he's like a sissy guy...but more like Christiano Ronaldo. Now, he is cute!!! ;p

Hi there, thanks and do come by again ya :)

FloDawn said...

Lil' E certainly showing potential.
But i notice something else in the 1st pic... Cheese Cake! ^_^