Thursday, May 15, 2008

What is rollforming?

Being in the manufacturing industry, my hubby was telling me about rollforming yesterday evening. He was telling me that in the manufacturing industry, having a production line which is able to provide high performance and reliability is crucial to ensure productive production output. He continued on saying that the competitive global manufacturing industry today demands high standards of quality and efficiency so as to remain competitive in meeting customers' demand. He then went on talking about rollforming industry and rollform equipment in general. As a person who is not from a technical or engineering background, I was a bit blur when he went on about metal forming in the rollforming industry. Hence, to make things easier for me, he quoted a leader in this industry i.e. SAMCO as an example. Being the curious person that I am, I quickly search for the company website and its achievements are rather impressive I must say. It seems that due to its extensive experience, expertise and customer oriented approach; SAMCO managed to build up its brand and reputation as a supplier and a solution provider for high quality rollforming and press machines. Moreover, their adoption of positive philosophy on quality management system and positive approach of investing in state of the art technology advancement such as CAD and CAE systems has promoted SAMCO to be even more successful. Thus being an innovative leader in the industry enables them to enjoy the competitive edge in the rollforming industry.

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