Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yes, CDs again..

Well, these are the ones that I ordered earlier from Baby Shasha & Mom but had to wait a lil' bit coz one of the items i.e. HH in butter was out of stock. But it is worth the while coz I love them all are my newly arrived CDs :)

L size Cute Cow by HH, OS Butter by HH and OS Safari by Mummy's Touch

And I bought this Drybees fleece pocket from MiaBambina during the sales together with a few hemp inserts :)

More to come ;p

Oh BTW, you may want to check out these links from LilDanzelle:

I hope your knees didn't turn jelly seeing all these (mine did eeeekkk!!) !!! Hahaha...enjoy!!!

1 comment:

Deana E said...

can't open the link la u. j..but nvm coz i always go to lildanzel site too.,love the minky.

wah.. you also love prints's the waiting for better colour hehe