Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What went wrong??

Since I got up early this morning...just before 4.30am I thought I do a post on Ethan being 11 months old today...and since it is still early so I've decided to do another post ;p Anyway, this is a short one just to whine about my face which I've been neglecting lately...I notice that I have tiny pimples...well, they are not really pimples..on my forehead for the past couple of weeks...could it be due to the fact that I've not been to Kose facial saloon for almost 3 months now?? Or could it because I've not been using my treatment essense and toner religiously due to tiredness and laziness?? Anyway, I think I need to make an appointment with my beautician soon...don't want to end up looking haggard...NO NO way...that reminds me I need to restock my sunscreen when I go for my next facial appointment. Oh btw, if you have teenagers around you, I think it is always a good idea to start them with skin care early which include using sunscreen for UV ray protection. If you're not sure which brand to use, you may want to try a new suncreen product by Screen, Inc. Good thing about this new product is that you don't have to worry about it being greasy. Futhermore, it is non-irritating and dermatologist-approved. But most of all, such sunscreens have received the coveted Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. So you can be sure of its quality and safety :)

Oppss...its time to get ready for work now...later folks! ;p


chegu carol said...

Joyce, from what I see that day I met you, you have healthy facial skin lah. I mean, if u are talkin about kici2 punya shul have noticed mine...worst than yours. That is, if we are talkin of the same level of pimples here. Sudahlah berjerawat, the scars tidak mau hilang lagi tu. Sheesh!

Joan D'Arcy said...

another month, ethan will turn 1!! :) Btw, r u related to colyn slade ka? Sama rupa.. :) juz curious!