Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ethan Boy is 11 months old!!

Geez...can't believe my Ethan boy (notice I call him Ethan boy instead of baby Ethan heee..) is now 11 months old! My son is growing up fast! It's now 1 more month to celebrate his 1st birthday hee.... So what's his latest development? Let's see what Murkoff et al (What to Expect the First Year, 2003) have to say:

By eleven months, you baby ...should be able:
  • get into a sitting position from stomach - check though it is not that often yet but he can :)
  • pick up tiny object with any part of thumb and finger (as always, make sure dangerous objects stay out of baby's reach) - just last nite I saw him trying to pick up some hair on the bed and caught him munching small bit of tissue in his mouth...tsk tsk tsk...
  • understand "no" (but not always obey it) - hmmmm I can't tell if he understands "no" but am pretty sure he can protest if we try to take something away or take him away from something when he still hasn't get enough of it hehe...

...will probably be able to:

  • play party-cake (clap hands) or wave bye-bye - he started to claps his hands in the proper way now unlike previously and yes he can wave bye-bye and kiss us (especially MIL) on the cheek heee so manja...
  • walk holding on to furniture - well we haven't let him try this though we do let him stand with us holding on to him
  • point or gesture to something to get needs met - oh yes, especially if he wants to listen to his music or musical vcd, play his balloon, football, he will definitely let us know by making sound and looking at those stuff or even move his body towards them hehe..and when he doesn't want his milk or porridge anymore he will turn his head left to right hehe

...most possible be able to:

  • pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger (again, keep all dangerous objects out of baby's reach) - yeah like I've said...caught him picking up hairs on the bed hehe...
  • stand alone momentarily - I think the hubs did try this momentarily on Ethan hehe...
    say "dada" or "mama" discriminately - well, I have yet to hear him saying "dada" or "mama' but definitely "papa" (yeah so sad have not heard him saying "mama". A daddy's boy hmmm...)
  • say one word other than "mama" or "dada" - hmmm...he does say other words but not proper words I supposed...

...may even be able to:

  • stand alone well - not yet
  • indicate wants in ways other than crying - yes definately as mentioned above
  • "roll ball" (roll ball back to you) - I know he can throw the ball and hit the ball on the wall and kick the ball though
  • drink from a cup independently - have not tried this on him
    use immature jargoning (gibberish that sounds as if baby is talking a made-up foreign language) - he does "talk" with his own language though
  • say three or four words other than "mama" or "dada" - have not noticed this yet
  • respond to a one-stop command without gestures (give that to me - without hand out) - yes he does move his body towards the item he wants or making sound and keep looking at the thing that he wants
  • walk well - not yet. So far we only guide him by holding onto him while letting him walk.Yep, I'm not putting him on a walker

Well, I guess my 10kg boy is doing alright :)

Picture of my precious taken this morning :)

The rest of the pictures were taken 3 days ago...

Ohhh btw, Ethan started to drink less milk and it is getting harder to feed him he trying to shed some weight off so he can start walking?


Nessa said...

Happy birthday Ethan!!

My son started walking when he was 11 months old, I think. Those first few steps were the funniest but memorable.

A very Happy Mother's Day to you :)

giddy tigress said...

*waves at Ethan*
One more month to a major milestone huh?