Thursday, June 12, 2008

1 year old developments

We brought Ethan to his 1 year general check up at the Klinik Desa in Petagas on Monday. He still weights 9.8kg and is now 76cm. We were so proud of him as he only let go a short and small cry when the nurse gave him his MMR jab. He even looked at the needle, such a brave boy!! Anyway, the nurse told me that at 1 year old he can now eat soft rice instead of porridge which he has tasted without a fuss two nights ago. I'm also slowly changing his baby milk to milk for above 1 year old child. His latest skill is doing the "flying kiss".

I've been wanting to post this up for my own reference but keep delaying. Anyway, just want to record down the 12th month developments of my precious Ethan according to "What to expect the first year" (Murkoff et al, 2003):

By twelve months, you baby...should be able to:
  • walk holding on the furniture (cruise) - not quite. He can pull himself up in his cot or on the sofa though.
  • use a few gestures to needs met - he will make noise, forward his body, turn his body etc
...will probably be able to:
  • play patty-cake (clap hands) or wave by-bye (most children accomplish these feats by thirteen months) - he can clap hands, wave bye-bye and started to give flying kiss
  • drink from a cup independently - nope (am trying to get him to sip from the cup but he still refuse or maybe he doesn't know how to sip from the cup yet..)
  • pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger (many babies do not accomplish this until nearly fifteen months: continue to keep all dangerous objects out of baby's reach) - he tend to pick up tiny stuff from the floor if he sees them and able to feed himself his baby biscuits
  • stand alone momentarily (many don't accomplish this until thirteen months) - have not let him try to stand on his own
  • say "dada" or "mama" discriminately (most will say at least one of these by fourteen month) - definitely "dada" first ;p
... most possibly be able to
  • "play ball" (roll a ball back to you, many don't accomplish this feat until sixteen months) - he doesn't roll the ball, he will throw the ball at you instead ;p
  • stand alone well (many dont' accomplish this feat until sixteen months) - not yet
  • use immature jargoning (gibberish that sounds like a foreign language, half oa all babies don't start jargoning until after their first birthday, and many not unitl they are fifteen months old) - not sure what is jargoning means but he does make some sort of baby sounds as if he is talking or singing along with us when we sing ;p
  • walk well (three out of four babies don't walk well until thirteen and a half months, and many not until considerably later. Good crawlers may be slower to walk, late walking is rarely a cause of concern) - not walking yet
...may even be able to:
  • say three words or more other than "mama" or "dada" (a good half of all babies won't reach this stage until sixteen months) - not yet
  • respond to a one-stop command without gestures ('Give that to me" - without hand out; most children won't reach this stage until after their first birthday, many not until sixteen months)- not yet

Ethan in the early morning of his 1st birthday :)
Ethan during his 1st birthday party in his Levi's polo shirt from my Lil People Boutique (BTW, go check it out if you haven't seen the new arrivals...)- he looked a bit confuse with so many people around maybe hehehe...


Deana E said...

sona 6kg ang 58cm at 3 what age u gave ethan porridge a?

Aunty J said...

I didnt rush to give him porridge ...I only started when he was ard 7 months old I think... he didnt like it initially...but slowly he started to take it in...I dare not to give him earlier thn 6 mths as I was afraid his stomach may not be able to take it since he was after all a premature tot maybe he might need a bit more time to adjust...

Kadus_Mama said...

:) Besar already ethan kah?? When my daughter was 1 year old, i was hoping she can walk soon so i won't need to carry her around..sekali now..&(^&^%$$ pening kepala see she's climbing here and there..and not to mention, she can't stop talking like her brother..hehehe
No need to rush and worry about the development bah tu..when the time comes, you ethan will be able to do whatever you wish him to do.. :)

Aunty J said...

That was what most of my friends said...biar la dia dulu..nanti dia pandai jln...abis kau paning tu haha...

Joan D'Arcy said...

Happy birthday Ethan! :) So cute, I love his curly-curly hair..

Baby C's hair seemed curly (cud follow my dad's). But if he follows like his koko's when turned one, hair keras like dawai!