Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The morning after...

As we reached home from my parents' house after Ethan's birtday party, both hubby and me opened Ethan's presents and arranged them nicely on the floor in the living room (Ethan's new territory hee..) . It was hubby's great idea to see Ethan's reaction and of course to give him a nice surprise the next morning ;)

Ethan's presents before and after we, the parents, happily opened them up for him ;p

Below are a couple of video shots of how he enjoyed getting all those lovely gifts :) The first one when he first saw all the presents and the second one showing him playing with his favourite present which was hand picked by himself - the big teddy bear from his grand uncle Nicky and grand aunt Doris :)



See how happy and excited our precious lil' boy was, thanks to all family members, relatives and friends for the wonderful birthday gifts and "ang pow" (red packet)!! :)


denna said...

wow..a lot of happy ethan

Aunty J said...

Oh yes, he was happy indeed ;p

FloDawn said...

haha great to see lil'E enjoying all his gifts :)

Julian said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :D