Friday, June 6, 2008

Care for Ikan Bakar?

For those who love to eat Ikan Bakar (barbequed fish), I would love to recommend you to try it out from the Sepai-Sepai stall which was just opened a month ago. The stall is at City Food Centre near Kelombong (the food centre opposite the Kelombong Shell station). I just love the sambal udang (prawn paste)!! Yummy yummy!! Go try it out during the weekend :)

You won't miss it because of this huge banner ;p

The ever friendly chief ;p
Just look at the yummy sambal udang ...slurp...slurp...makes me hungry now :(


hannie said...

u've just made me hungry and am thinking to bring Tay over there after he touched down later :D

janelle said...

this is just want i need for my craving!

Aunty J said...

Hannie and Janelle:
You should give it a try ya :)