Thursday, June 5, 2008

Songs for my soul

Okay folks, here's another meme from Nick and this time is about 7 songs that I'm currently into. Well, let's see what are the songs that keep coming back to my head lately:

1. Ba ba black ship
2. Old McDonald
3. Don't you .. (it's the song that was sung by our two funny local DJs that goes "don't you wish your boyfriend were rich like me...don't you wish your boyfriend makes more money...don't you..don't you...I like it coz it makes me laugh hehe)
4. Fly fly fly the butterfly
5. If you're happy and you know it ...
6. Farmer in the Dell
7. Polly put the kettle on

If you haven't notice, almost all of the songs are kiddies songs...why? Cos I've been hearing and singing the same songs over and over again with and to Ethan that they keep coming back to my head all the time!! hahaha...Yes, I will switch on the dvds for Ethan to watch and listen to the songs during his meals and will sing to him these songs when he is in a cranky mood :) So as you can see, my kind of songs at this moment revolve around the songs listened by my precious Ethan haha...well, at least I get to know more English children songs which I never learn during my primary school time as I went to a Chinese school then :)

And now I shall tag you, you and you...yes, you in my blogrolll and you who read my blog are welcome to tag along this meme :)


Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I cant understand your song choice. I've listened to Bob the Builder and ultraman theme songs so many times cos my boys watch it non stop that they should also be on my top 7 song list ... That's what you get when you have kids :D Thanks for being a sport and doing the tag.

Cindy Jane said...

LOL Old McDonald was one of my favorite!!! :D :D