Monday, July 7, 2008

13 months Ethan!

Yes, my precious Ethan boy is now 1 year 1 month old. How time flies and before I know it he will soon be walking and running around and hopefully I will be able to loose a bit of weight! hahaha... As of now, he can crawl on fours better - more stable. Starts to stand up more by holding on to something. Starts to cruise from side to side by holding on to his cot or furniture. Will laugh when someone laugh though it sounds artificial or forced hearty laugh hehehe.., will continue singing (more like humming) when we stop singing to him, loves his Hi-5 vcds and talks more with his "papa", "apa", "koko" and other words that I just can't describe ;p

Anyway, as hubby is away, FIL accompanied me to the Likas Hospital for Ethan's review. The doctor said he is progressing well and that his physical development is good especially at 10.1kg hee... I was also given a sheet of good food intake guide for infant-toddler which include food guide for children having diarrhea. I thought it is a good guide and decided to scan it and share with those who might be interested. Unfortunately Blogger is unable to accept pdf file. So if you're interested let me know and I can email it to you :) It's in Malay language though...

Ethan at 13 months old
Weight : 10.1 kg
Length: 76cm


osindak said...

wah how time flies! such a big baby sudah ethan *big hugs!*

Nick Phillips said...

Oh my, he is a big lil fellow isn't he? Osindak is right, how time flies!

Kadus_Mama said...

:) When he started to run, I'm sure you are going to shed some of the extra pounds..hehe

denna said...

got ka? hubby didn't give me pun.hehe her DH belum makan pun..

Aunty J said...

Osindak/ Nick:
hehehe..time flies indeed! :)

Harap2 la haha..

I can email want?