Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sparkling mommies

There are many mommy bloggers out there in the bloggosphere not only eager to share with the rest of the world about their precious little ones (that include me of course ;p) and some baby tips, but also to earn some extra income (me included again hee..). Well whether you are stay at home mom or working at home mum or even a full time working mom, there is no harm in doing that right? I for one am able to purchase Ethan's CDs without feeling so much guilt inside. After all, the money that I used to expand his CDs collection is my extra pocket money that I can choose to spend however I want to ;p So if you're a mom who enjoy blog hopping too why not start your own blog and at the same time join a pay you to blog programme such as SocialSpark. It only takes a few minutes of your time to join. If you're worry you have nothing to write about, I can assure you that, being a mum, I am sure you can come out with tones of topics to write especially about your little ones or your own personal life :) So wait no more, come join in the fun and earn some extra income :)

Oh nooo…look at the time now…have to get Ethan and myself ready as we going to a wedding dinner reception in a short while….so got to go now as am running out of time…I hope you’ll have a nice evening okay :)

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