Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have you got the "Look"?

When it comes to the "look", I always get feedback from my friends and especially colleagues that I have the strict/fierce principal or teacher look especially when I am concentrating on something or when I am very engross in doing something. It is more obvious when I am in my serious and not smiling look ;p Even hubby told me so. If you ask me why, I would say it is probably because the shape of my eyes or my eyebrow that makes me look so fierce when I am not smiling ;p Don't worry I normally have my "fierce" look on me only when I am doing work. Most of the time you will see me smiling like the picture below.

Talking about the "look", do you have a special flirty look like some people has? I don't think I have it but there's a competition going on i.e.Extreme Style by VO5 that is looking for the Victory Hair. So if you think you have the "look" especially a flirty one, why not join the Ultimate Flirting Championship. Who knows you might bring some cool prizes home :)

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1 comment:

HN said...

Hey Pretty mummy, you look like 'SuQi'in this picture! Haha, bet I'm not the first one who say that :P