Thursday, July 17, 2008


What colour are you?
Blue You are a nice person who has friends that come in alot of variations. You are also smart, somewhat deep and you always seem to have alot of thoughts in your head. You're friends often tell you you're really sweet, nice and helpful. You love feeling at peace with yourself, that's when you work the best. You tend to act a bit diffrently depending on who you're with, and that you don't necessarily like and you might deny it.
You have a feeling that there might be something "speciall" about you. You often think of what's hapening around you and often se things that other people might not notice. You are a happy person that loves making other people happy =)..
Numbers: You like what I would like to call "round numbers" (If you are "a blue", I think you might understand).. Numbers like 2, 8 for example..

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