Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amnesty month for parking tickets

If you're like us who sometimes forget to pay our parking tickets, now is the chance for you to make your payment with very good discount rate. As I stopped by at one of the coffee shops to get my breakfast before heading to my work place this morning, I paid one outstanding parking ticket. To my pleasant surprise and thanks to the amnesty month, I only had to pay RM3.05 for an outstanding ticket that would have cost me RM18++!! So if you're not aware of the amnesty month and you have outstanding parking tickets, quick go pay them up before 30th August!! It will certainly save you quite a bit! Oh btw, please be informed 30th Aug falls on a Saturday so its half day for them okay :)


Gallivanter said...

Wow, diskaun murah! Hopefully there's an amnesty month for KL too bah, with police summons. I have an unsettled parking summon. :-)

Uh oh, I just confessed on the blog, don't let the cops find me...*runs and hides*

Bonnie said...

urs just 18++, mine 400++... I rather shopping oh..huhu :(