Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another birthday celebration

We attended Uncle Tony's birthday party yesterday evening and as usual our sanguine Ethan was glad to meet up with some of his grand uncles/aunties, uncles/aunties and played with his cousins and new friends.

Oh BTW.. I guess some of you would have read in the news or even witnessed the real fire drama at Servay Penampang last nite due to some short circuit on their upper was pretty bad as I could find the "burnt dust" (sorry I don't know what you call those black particles heee...) not just small but quite a huge chunk on my car during the birthday party at Kobusak. As you know, the distance between Servay and Kobusak is quite a distance right...I hope the insurance coverage can cover their losses...otherwise the owner will be having a tough time recovering the losses...but luckily no one was harm... as usual there are some who wonders if there's any foul play...what do you think? ;p Here are some pics from Aunt Agnes.

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