Tuesday, October 7, 2008

16 months

Our precious Ethan turns 1 year 4 months today.

  • His weights around 11kg
  • He "baby" talks a lot
  • He can walk with us holding only one of this hands now
  • Climbing may soon be his next discovery as I do notice him trying to climb up the sofa a few times
  • He pays longer attention and seems to enjoy watching his Hi-5 and Elmo vcds more
  • He is more attentive especially when he hears the gate at PIL's being open - he will "talk" to PILs as if he is telling them that someone is home and sometimes will request to have a peep at the window to see who is home :)
  • He understands and can identify car clearly, be it a real or cartoon car - on the road, on his shirt, on telly, on a book
  • He likes to pick up the house phone and starts to speak as if he is talking to someone
  • He wants me to give him a big hug before I leave him at PIL's for work
  • He has 7 incisors to date
  • He drinks 180ml milk 4-5 times a day
  • He is still on porridge twice a day and will sometimes join us during our meals
  • He can switch on the telly and take out the cds/vcds/dvds from the player


Kadus_Mama said...

my daughter yang 22 months old tu sekarang sangat lah campin panjat meja..one time pernah jatuh and she never 'jarah' bah..
now, ethan sudah start memanjat, i think you have to pay more attention on him..takut juga jatuh kan..

Aunty J said...

ya lor...tiak buli kana tinggal nie anak nie...kau belum tau lagi...tu hari dia mau tarik/panjat tu standing lamp in our living room...sikit jatuh on him...now inside our study room wt closed door the lamp....

emelda said...

adehhhhhhhhh cuteeeeee sia mau gigit dia!!! Jaga la kau Ethan ..habis kau sia kerja kan nanti..jeng jeng jeng LOL!