Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Party of 5!

Ever since we left secondary school which was waaaaaaaaaay back in 1989 (that was 19 years ago and yes you can do your maths and say I am old!! hahaha), we seldom get to meet each other due to either being apart because of our studies, work or family. But it is always nice to know that when we do get together we are still like the old days. Chirpy and excited to catch up with one another and of coz there was no escape from digging the past and teasing each other too ;p Recently, one of our dear friends, Ina, was back in town for the Raya celebration. As usual she invited us noisy lot to her open house. Indeed besides the yummy food and cookies it was such a happy and enjoyable get together. Funny how we still act and talk like we were back in school even Ina's mum and sis said so - still the noisy lot hahaha...but of coz we have grown more mature (hopefully heee..) and of coz extra kilos here and there especially moi haha...but Ina and Nicky are exceptional as they both have teenagers yet they are looking fantabulous!! You go gurllssss!! ;p
Nicky, Wek, Mitch, Me & Ethan and Ina

While his mommy was busy chatting with all the aunties, Ethan was playing with a spread of toys especially the ones with wheels borrowed from Ina's not so little ones heee...bless you Ina ;p

The party of 5 +1 :)


emelda said...

alalaalalal..besar sudah oh my BF...inda sabar sia mau jumpa dia next year.:D

Shabbymom said...

aduiii....lama sudah inda jumpa c Ina!!!....c Ina & Niki masih macam dulu kan......sexyyyyy!!!!!