Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New addition in the blogosphere

Ok folks, I know I've been quiet lately...the lazy bug has got into me again hehehe...very sorry if you have been visiting this rather still blog of mine ;p My modem at home has "kaput" and I haven't got the chance to get it fixed or replaced it...Besides I'm too lazy to bring my laptop home for the past few weeks so hence the silence period though I never stop blog hopping ;p

Anyway, my other SIL has finally got the blog bug....well, she has started her blog months ago but only starting to be active recently hehe...Anyway, if you have read about my entries on my niece Allie and my other nephew, baby Ryan, well here's their mum sharing her thoughts, life tips and of course about her two darling angels. Come visit her here :)


Lexica said...

Thanks for promoting ... hehehehe

Aunty J said...

You're welcome :)