Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KK CD Mommies Pre-Xmas Party

Ethan loves being outdoor, he would usually asks us to bring him out of the door if we've been cooped up in the apartment the whole day. He will either take and try to put his hat on or take and try to put on his shoes and point the door to us hehe...So when Sandra and Miranda suggested to have a gathering at Langkah Syabas, we decided it would be great to bring him to the Pre-Xmas party :) Thanks to the organizers i.e. Miranda and Sandra for the fabulous time especially the horse ride which Ethan loved so much! He loved the swimming pool too but too bad we or rather his mommy only allowed him in the pool for a short while as the water was a bit on the cold side...didn't want him to catch cold or fever okay hee...I think Ethan really had a fantastic time..especially with the horse rides, swimming in the pool and not forgetting him chasing after the Labrador dog, walking around the area including by the seaside, and playing and almost strangled the tabby cat near the horse barn, getting his first Christmas present and chasing after Avi's stroller!! ;p The lunch buffet at the restaurant was great too and hubby said we will definitely go back there especially so that Ethan could have a longer ride on the cartwheel again :)

The daddies with their boys
Ethan not impressed and couldn't be bothered with the Santa Claus ;p

Ethan enjoying his first ride :)
and refused to get down from the cart while Shayna eagerly waiting for her turn ;p
Group pic of Ethan and hubby with Shayna and Ted
Ethan playing with the horsie ;p
As we took him away from the horse to let the other kids ride on it, Ethan started to cry...awwww...
So in the end he got another ride with Mummy dearest ;p But was he satisfied after the 2nd ride? Nope he cried again heehehe...
After the cart ride, we had lunch at the restaurant and here Deana with hubby and cute lil' Sona
Ethan drinking beer???? NOT!! ;p
Burp...!! "Excuse me" said Ethan ;p
Having a walk with his daddy by the sea side...

Yeeha!! It's swimming time!! (will post him enjoying the pool after this post hehe..)

Again by the seaside after swimming, bath and his milk ;p

Playing with his new toy :)
But wait, the wheels on Avi's stroller is bigger and more fun to play with, wait for me Avi!!!
The gorgeous mummiew with their adorable babies! :)
Sulking Ethan, can't remember about what ;p
Look at the tired faces ;p
Ethan was flat out just about a couple of mins in the car. Slept throughout the journey back and 2 hrs after we put him in his cot at home :)



Cath J said...

Aww so cute to see Ethan sleeping... Kepenatan.. :)

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha! Nice outing huh? must do it again.. I wanted to blog about it, cant find time.. huhuhu

Aunty J said...

Cath J:
Ya he was sooo tired after all the fun activities hehe

Joan D'Arcy:
haha ya shld do it again hehehe me too...only today i managed to do it hehe..

Bonnie said...

Wah, seeing you guys having so much I jelous lah! Hehe..too bad dint able to join.. Perhaps we can organise again some other time?? =D

Deana E said...

he sure enjoyed the ride very much..boy bah!! ya, when is the next gathering??? hehehe

emelda said...

aww ethan punya rambut panjang sudah ohhhh..and yes he growup really really fast :)

Pic yg dia nangi sba..cute ni. heheh

Aunty J said...

Don't worry am sure there'll be next time :)

Ya ba..boys will be boys kan hehe...tapi panat eh mau bubut dia nie..tiak sanggup bawa keluar if hubby not ard hehe...

Nah the next time u meet him...big boy odi tu..kali mau suru kau main bubut sama dia uda kali tu haha..he loves main bubut2 tu..brabis tariak and katawa hehe...

wen said...

aiyoh, no horsie ride anymore, cry cry cute..hehe

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