Thursday, March 12, 2009

KL trip

As mentioned earlier me and hubby went to KL for a short break. So what was our itinerary like you may ask? Well, nothing much just shopping (for us, Ethan and family), spending time with hubby's siblings and their family and of coz to relax and to spend some quality time with each other. Here are a few pictures for the sharing :)

Us or rather me feeling full and satisfied with the yummy BBQ chicken rice we had near Sg. Wang :)

Hubby's 2nd bro, Bryan and his beautiful family :)

Their two adorable children - Farah and Adam

Here they are again posing with me and hubby at their home..
And are some of the things I bought for Ethan...there are some other items I bought for him but I'm too lazy to take pictures besides some of them are on the clothes line or kept in his drawers already hehe...
As for me, I bought a few pairs of shoes, some tops/blouses, belts and accessories..sorry as I am too lazy to snap pictures of them hehe...all cheap stuff nothing grand anyway heee...hubby bought quite a few polo shirts which were marked down by 70% , a couple of belts and shoes. Hubby even bought a nice wall frame for my wall feature project hehe...However, in spite of all the items we've bought, much to my surprise our luggage didn't go overweight. Probably I've packed all the used clothes/towels and toileteries into our handcarry bag otherwise we would have to pay quite a bit :)


Evelyn LG said...

Wah so nice.. bershopping-sakan bah.. :)

Jess said...

Wow, take flight and shopping "abroad"! How nice ya!

Fridaycat said...

So syok! I know that chicken rice shop, haha. You must try their Thai style tofu and kerabu mangga, punya sedap.

You know what I noticed? Ethan and Adam bear the same resemblance, you can totally tell they're cousins!

Aunty J said...

Hehehe ya siok tapi poket pun berlubang jua hahahaha

Hehehe kunun la...

Ya! Sadap oh!! Me likey hehehe...oh really ok will keep tht in mind the next time we go there again thanks for the info ;p

Hahaha ya I know..thy do have some resemblance right hehehe...