Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother's Day

A bit late in telling the story in my blog but we (mom, MIL, SILs and myself) had some fun spending Mother's Day on two separate occasions. We celebrated Mothers' Day in advance simply to avoid the crowd and footing the hefty bills on the actual day if you know what I mean...I bet many made the same move as we did am sure ;p

Anyway, that Friday evening, we brought MIL together with FIL, BIL and two other friends to Krishnan Curry House as MIL likes Indian food. Then on Saturday evening us, my siblings and family treated my mum together with my dad for a Chinese seafood dinner at the Gaderian Seafood Restaurant near Solomon Jetty. It was our first time there...We almost didn't get a table as I didn't know the place was soo popular...all the tables were reserved when my eldest bro arrived there!! That was only half an hour after the restaurant opened at 6.30pm!! Holly molly...thank goodness big bro knew one of the staff there so he kindly opened and joined two rectangle tables for us...just nice for all of if you intend to dine there be sure to make your reservation! I was told that the crab dish and the sliced fish with garlic and ginger dishes are nice. We wanted to order crabs but much to my disappointment all their crabs were booked too!! Oh boy...but worry not as we ordered the other dishes...I do like their steamed fish...their frog delicacy cooked with dried chilli and big onions smells yummy though I didn't dare to try haha...the rest of the dishes i.e. Sabah vege with belacan (shrimp paste), Kailan with garlic, prawns cooked with butter (not the typical butter prawn though..), steamed chicken and fish maw soup were quite okay in my opinion.

Sorry I've totally forgotten to take pictures during both occasions as I was busy either feeding Ethan, eating or taking my turn to bring/ chasing him around ;p Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)


jenndonneo said...

Happy Mother's day to you Joyce. It's never too late.. In fact, it's everyday. :)


bebek said...

happy mother's day Joyce.... and congrats, you are now a proud mother of ethan and a proud wife... cheers........

Aunty J said...

Thanks Jenn :)

Thanks and may I know sepa ba ko nie? ;p