Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lil' E turned camera shy?

I've just noticed this new attitude of Ethan last week after hubby told me about Ethan's new behaviour...he seems to have shied away or rather dislike his photos to be taken by me lately...Probably due to the fact that I've not been taking his pictures as often as before for the past few months... thus probably he is not accustom to the idea of his pics being taken again and again by his paparazzi-like mommy anymore ;p Maybe I should start taking more pictures of him again ;p

Here are some pictures of him trying to hide his face from the camera heee...

'tis was the first time I notice him trying to avoid the camera thanks to hubby's alertness ;p

See the hand ;p
Notice the hand again...
Finally he managed to hide almost all of his face ;p

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